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Illustrated White Cats

Brain Babies or Plays


 Cast 7, Full-Length, comedy/drama

When a giant sinkhole hits a small town in Florida, Paul, the prodigal son, goes missing. His sister Naomi is convinced that he's fallen into the hole, but his mother believes that he's used the hole to fake his own death, thereby shirking his obligations to the family owned sushi restaurant. When Edgar, a big city scientist is sent to study the hole in an effort to combat climate change, Naomi's stupor is shaken by his new perspective. Her ex-husband, Henry, also the mayor, is frustrated by Edgar's prolonged research and lobbies for the hole to be filled so that commerce can once again be revived. 


Cast 4, Full-length, drama

Nia Thao, principal of the Urban Scholars Academy (USA), a newly opened charter school, goes head to head with Principal Lyons, who runs Mckinley High, where USA is housed in a forced co-location agreement by the district. Caught in the middle as pawns are students Jericho Thompson, rising basketball star of Mckinley High, and straight A student, Heaven Ford. 


Cast 5, Full-length, comedy/drama

Kim struggles to have a baby on her own while also navigating the complexities of being an Asian American police officer trying to date Donovan, an African American graduate student whose concerns about institutionalized racism in the police force and beyond are the central theme of his dissertation.


Cast 6, Full-length, comedy

Kyra and Dan adopt a special needs child from China, documenting their journey on their growing family Youtube channel. But when their child's disabilities become too much for them to handle, they "re-home" him to another family and pray their fans won't notice. The internet, however, excoriates them and they are forever cancelled. Years later, they must dredge up the past, when their biological daughter Madison makes a documentary to find out what really happened, visiting her long lost adoptive brother. Inspired by the true story of the despicable Myka and James Stauffer. 


Cast 8, Full-length, drama

Set in Havana at the dawn of the Cuban Revolution, Face to the Sun is a lyrical, language-driven, play with a multicultural cast. Haunted by memories of his homeland and fearful of another war-driven imprisonment by the Cuban government, Hamada, an upstanding leader of the Japanese Cuban community, decides to uproot his family and return to Japan. But his daughter Flora is running with a guerrilla and Isabel, his Cuban wife, is no longer attracted to him. Each of them must make a choice about love and loyalty to both country and family.

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Cast 2, One Act, drama (Young Audiences)

When Jason, one of Principal Tagaki's students, name calls Amir for being Muslim, she uses the incident as an opportunity to share her story of being sent to a Japanese Internment Camp during World War II, and to teach the students an important lesson about racism and what it is to be an American. Based on the true story of Shizuko Akasaki. 

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